2017 Ferrari F12 TDF Release Date and Price

2017 Ferrari F12 TDF Release Date and Price – Lately some gossips that Ferrari ready facelifted and improved edition of the Ferrari F12, which according to some details should keep the name Unique F12 or F12 GTO, began distributing online. Now that sedan is formally provided but it is known as Ferrari F12 tdf and its ‘’tdf’’ appears for Trip the Italy. This is actually unique and only 799 models will be created. Its greatest opponents are Lamborghini Aventador SV and Aston Martin Vanquish.

2017 Ferrari F12 TDF Exterior

2017 Ferrari F12 TDF Exterior Design

Designed by the Ferrari Design Center ,the 2017 Ferrari F12tdf is instantly identifiable and it is recognized by extremely muscle and competitive style. All the areas of the sedan starting from the nasal area to the end have been enhanced. Its unique developed is finished with large bumpers, larger back spoiler, few light and portable graphite areas, which has changed much of the conventional metal and new 20 inches metal tires. The 2016 F12tdf also has more powerful braking system (with LaFerrari braking mechanism calipers), customized revocation and enhanced guiding.

2017 Ferrari F12 TDF Redesign

2017 Ferrari F12 TDF Interior Design

Maybe at the first look you will think there is nothing different between this F12tdf and conventional supercar, but actually if you look at it nearer you will see a lot of new factors. First of all, nothing within the sedan is created of set, except the leader, which is very uncharacteristic for Ferrari. Everything within the sedan is created from either carbon-fiber, metal, high-quality nasty or Alcantara. Graphite areas are all over the position beginning from entrance sections to dash panel. Organization put a lot of attempt to be able to reduce as much bodyweight as possible and they even changed the car’s conventional ground pads with designed metal linens because of that. The types Alcantara chairs are dark whit yellow-colored lines.

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2017 Ferrari F12 TDF Interior

2017 Ferrari F12 TDF Engine Specs

The 2017 Ferrari F12tdf is 110 kg (240 pounds) less heavy than the conventional edition which have big impact to the sedan rate. It uses 6,3 trash normally aspirated V12 engine which can generate 780 hp and 705 Nm of twisting. Ferrari F12tdf is combined with the new edition of F1 DCT transmitting with dual clutch system. This excellent sport sedan is able to achieve 62 mph in 2,9 a few moments and top rate of 211 mph. The Ferrari technicians have set up a new rear-wheel-steering program which they contact the Exclusive Brief Wheelbase. This program also allows sedan to be more stabile on the street. The 2017 Ferrari F12tdf finished Ferrari’s Fiorano analyze monitor in 1min 21sec.

2017 Ferrari F12 TDF Specs

2017 Ferrari F12 TDF Release Date and Price

We expect this sedan to hit the market in the second quarter of 2016 as 2017 model. There are still no official information about the price of the sedan but expect to pay around 370,000 for this beauty. As we previously said only 799 units will be made which is an aggravating factor if you want to own this sedan.